Welcome to Le Plato Restaurant,


African food, as we love it. A unique experience for all of us.

It is with a real pleasure that we want you, our customer, to feel at home when you come visit us. Peace, Harmony, Friendship in an atmosphere of great dining with exquisite food and drinks are what we are here for.

We see each person who comes to Le Plato as a member a big family. We will always do our best to make you feel respected and enjoy your experience with us.

Come and share our joie-de-vivre. And let your friends know about it.

It is together that we can build a strong community of african food lovers composed of brothers and sisters who value consideration, time and life.

Welcome at Le Plato. Welcome at your home.

Unit B 785 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON
(5 mins walk from Pape & Donlands subway station)
Call: 1.647.428.1672 / 1.416.831.6699